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i love 恋空 魔法のiらんど

11:16 p.m. 2008-01-18

The plastic container of milky liquid stowed away in a corner of the fridge appears to be the remainder of my sis's attempt at baking egg tarts. I heartily wolfed down more than just a couple to substitute my dinner, because no one stops this Missus when she spots her darling egg tarts. Alright, as usual, her final products weren't visually appealing, but fireworks went off in my head when I closed my eyes and popped one in my mouth. It tasted like those decent ones you get at bakeries. My sis'd better not hear about this, or she'll suffer from a bout of ego inflation.

Fridays are lovely days, and lesson-free Fridays are the best days in the entire calendar. I get to spend the entire day trying to cram all 46 characters of Hiragana into my puny brain, plastic-wrapping my Japanese coursebooks, recording an accompanied version of Doey's nameless demo, thinking up a melody for my own song (which I eventually settled for the fool-proof C major scale chords) and cooked my own lunch. My ultimate carefree day~

Jack's demo was pretty good, considering it to be a really raw version with just vocals and his guitar. I tried to do my own version of his song and failed miserably. I took Doey's song into my own hands, because the poor guy's demos only had his voice and nothing else. So I threw in some chords, filled lyrics in the parts where he was just "lala"-ing away and the portions where he was incoherent, and took out his pre-chorus. NX took a listen to my version and threw out a million ways to improve it, and I was really thankful because I really needed someone professional enough, but not too intimidating, to comment on the demo. Time to throw this back to Mr. Doey and work on my own song, which is still lacking a decent melody for its verses. What the hell.

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