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i love 恋空 魔法のiらんど

5:44 p.m. 2004-04-30

Time, look where we are and what we've been through. Time, sharing our dreams. Time, goes on and on every day. Time is what it is, come what may…

Chemistry Practical today, and I can only rejoice over the definite grade I will get: fail. That's what's on everyone's mind after the exam. I was pretty pissed by the Practical at first, cuz I didn't understand the first table where we have to fill in the time/second and 1000/s-1, and I totally didn't figure it out until I conked my head and realised it was simply 1000 divided by the time I obtained. F***k. Then my bench became so very messy and I got frustrated working on a messy bench. By the time I moved on to QA I was down to half an hour so I was rushing like mad. The first experiment required us to test for the gas emitted after heating and I tested it with red and blue litmus paper but there was no change. So I tried with limewater and ended up pouring limewater all over myself and my question paper. I tried with a glowing and burning splint but nothing happened. I wanted to kill myself then. After scrambling through the few experiments there was this question to get us to test for whatever… I told myself to prepare for the worst. Then I realised I didn't draw my graph for VA and I didn't have a ruler nor pencil. Haha… I laughed it off. But the worst was that since we were the last shift we had to clear EVERYTHING from the bench. And I got damn frustrated and irritated cuz the stupid male teacher keeps yelling at us and that. Thank God we're gonna do another practical a long time from now.

Didn't talk to him today, cuz I just wasn't in the mood. He didn't talk to me as well, so I guess it's equal. And I got really jealous these few days because of something not worth getting jealous about, but I guess every girl feels it when the boy talks to another gal. But again, I have no right to get jealous at all so I'll just have to keep it here in my heart. But now if anyone asks me if I really treasure him, I'll say yes.

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