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6:08 p.m. 2004-04-01

Been so busy the past few days that I haven't got the time to update my diary. Thank God the Chemistry test this Saturday is cancelled. At least I don't have to slog til my guts drop. Phew… Anyway although today was April Fools', it became rather unusual that our class wasn't up to any kind of mischief. Well, at least sleeping in Ms Leong's class and getting a yelling from her wasn't that bad afterall. And I'm still damn stressed cuz in 2 weeks' time will be our science practical mid-year paper, and in 1 month's time will be our mid-year paper… damn… And 2 weeks after that will be the Chinese O's… Oh shit… Anyway, this Saturday's gonna be a fun day cuz we are making a salad as part of our Total Defence project… And I'm totally looking forward to that. And I want to extend my congrats to all who ran in the Heats yesterday, you guys did a great job!!!

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