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i love 恋空 魔法のiらんど

12:13 a.m. 2008-12-18

Shifted to:

9:43 a.m. 2008-12-16

Ok here's the bomb:

I'm shifting!

Okay apparently I need another stage for release, so I'm opting for another platform to spill the beans on. I know I've been sticking to Diaryland for the past 6 years like a loyal subject. But then I realised that it's kind of limiting in some ways, so i'm packing my entries out of here and onto another site. No worries, this place won't be locked/deleted, so that everyone can come back here in 10 years' time to dig out some dirt about me. Haha. My new 'home' is still in the works, but once I'm done with the shifting (yes I'm shifting ALL 6 years of entries!!!), the link will be up here in an iffy. In the meanwhile, just go poke your nose into other people's blogs.

11:52 p.m. 2008-12-11

Before anything else, I just wanna say a huge thank you to Prof. Cheng from KK Hospital for keeping my darling healthy and kicking all these years, so that I have that especially warm hand to hold onto whenever I need them. No words can express my heartfelt gratitude.

Mahjong with the girls just now. Still not much luck, though it wasn't as bad as it used to be. (You should ask them. I used to lose all my chips by the end of 2 full rounds.) And I regrettably stuffed myself full for dinner. Yuck.

Home, and terribly hooked onto Twilight. The literature is a lighter dosage of vampires and romance as compared to Anne Rice, so it probably appeals alot to the younger reader as compared to Rice. Rice's works are more psychological, abstract, and contains much more intriguing vampiric romance, which makes it more difficult to stomach if you're a newbie to vampire novels. *Sigh* I remembered how I had hungrily devoured half the book within 3 hours amidst studying for 2220 last week. *sigh* I miss Anne Rice novels. *sigh* I think it's time for me to hit the library.

2:11 p.m. 2008-12-07

Semester 1 2008/09 has finally drawn to a close on Friday, with the NM2220 paper. I bet the 2220 paper caught everyone by surprise, because we have always been so accustomed submitting our assignments on IVLE. Writing on paper was fresh, at least for me. Thank God I finished the paper on the dot. No regrets.

And the tada surprise - Jack took half a day off to accompany me after my paper, and just take a break from work. Despite several hiccups (I'm so sorry), the day went lovingly well. And what better way to unwind than to scream those troubles out at kbox? Just a small rant - I'm totally feeling the price hike. Hello?! Don't tell me the kbox boss bought Lehman brother shares? I was totally horrified by the teatime set they served – soft-boiled eggs with eggshell fragments, soy sauce bottles with caps that fall off when you try to flavour your eggs… Okay I’m just another dissatisfied and grouchy customer. Oh, and did I tell you about our new little boy?


He’s totally adorable, and gets along well with my other little boy. Thanks to Jack – I thought I was the one who made him swear not to buy me stuffed toys.


Vivo on a wet Friday night wasn’t as bad as we thought it out to be. I was fairly disappointed when it started raining halfway through the bus trip, but it turns out the rain gave us endless ways of capturing the night scenery.

And what more can I say but to thank the special one who made all these happen.

11:35 a.m. 2008-12-04

It's good to be able to sleep in, especially when I'm deluding myself from the fact I STILL HAVE A FRICKING PAPER TOMORROW. I don't know if it's a blessing or a curse in disguise, because arranging my timetable gave me ample time inbetween the papers to study/ take a break, but on the other hand it just takes the OMPF out of the whole exam fervour. Perfect way to break the cycle. But I really wanna do well in 2220, since my CA results have been good, so I hope that this might be the optimal time to aim for an A. But look at the way I'm studying, with that 'drag-drag-drag, procrastinate, doze off, float off, Facebook' behaviour, I don't know if it's already out of reach.

Oh, and did I mention that our NUS students were actually free enough (maybe those lucky arses have finished their papers last week) to submit letters to the Straits Times online to debate over the meritocratic education system?

Exams: And producing useful graduates for society

Haha. Oh well.

And we have a wholesome bunch of adults stabbing each other in a verbal war on the ST Forum. Brilliant.

thagee38 wrote:
I don't really understand the fuss being made about the education system here.I come from a country where money don't need to have good grades in your A levels, but can still study to be a doctor, an engineer etc by paying substantial sums of money to the "Private colleges"There are so many "Private colleges " mushrooming in the whole country.Therefore mediocre doctors and engineers graduate year after year resulting in a substandard service standards.Students with real talents in sports as well as studies but with no money are never recogonised .
Conversely in Singapore,if you are a good student or have an inert talent in sports, you can get into the school of your choice and if you cannot afford the fees it comes highly subsidised. So please stop lamenting and instill in your children the love for learning and hard work, so they can acheive their goals and dreams.

some_cynic wrote:
"I don't really understand the fuss being made about the education system here."
Of course you cannot even grasp the fuss generated because you are NOT a born and bred aka NATIVE SINGAPOREAN. Duh. Similarly, I would never understand the mindset of the people of the country whence you come.

"So please stop lamenting and instill in your children the love for learning and hard work"
You still don't get it don't you, that the EDUCATION SYSTEM here does not allow the parents to instill THE LOVE OF LEARNING?? I find statements like these made by you and your fellow clueless guests of Singapore nothing but pure hubris and a waste of precious space. Not to mention, a tad rich. So, please go do something more worthwhile than making statements which you have no inkling of whatsoever.

some_cynic wrote:
"if you are a good student or have an inert talent in sports, you can get into the school of your choice"
Hah? This is something new to me, thagee38. Talent in sports can get ME into the school of my choice?

Where did you hear that from? Something that plucked from the air? Or are you referring to the Singapore Sports School? For the sake of clarification, Singapore Sports School is not subsidised. OK? Get your facts right before you make such statements that make Singaporeans' blood boil. Just so typical of you guests.

Okay I admit this guy was waaay beyond rude to treat a foreigner like this but, hey, he’s preaching the stuff we all current students are lamenting. Don’t deny, especially if you’re a student. Don’t tell me you ENJOY school curriculum, you ENJOY tests and examinations, you ENJOY homework, you ENJOY spot-quizzes, you ENJOY essays, you ENJOY rushing for projects, you ENJOY library camps, you ENJOY skipping meals to complete your work, you ENJOY mugging like mad for your papers which take up 30 per cent of your entire module mark and, more importantly, you ENJOY tuition. If you ENJOY all the above, then well and fine by me. But I didn’t.

And how I wish I could print this forum letter out and spam all those parents from my tuition centre, who dump their kids at us and expect us to groom them from F to A*. People can get SO unrealistic sometimes.

Tuition may help, but academic success is really down to the student

Good luck to all those taking NM2220 tomorrow!

12:12 a.m. 2008-12-02

I know, my body's beckoning to me to hit the sack, after a full day of lone-ranger mugging and tuition. The lethargy is hitting harder than before, especially when, at this moment in time, less than 48 hours to my 2219 paper, I'm still 1/3 through my final revision. And I even doubt I can remember the stuff I studied today. All thanks to skipping lectures. No excuse for lousy lecturers and dry topics. I'm so screwed. What else is there to do except to press on and look totally forward to Friday.
I still have 2220 to revise. And WHO THE HELL decided that copyright should sit in 3 of my modules? I'm supposed to learn about new media, not law. It just rubs salt into my wound, because I'm totally hopeless when it comes to political science (like my PS1101E results hollered to me), not to mention law. How intimidating, those three letters. Anyway, I'm just working towards letting my CA efforts go down the drain, considering I was hopelessly lucky in my scores for my 2220 assignments. Karma, they say.

And the hubby's first day of work... didn't turn out too well. Just watch out for his toe the next time you walk past him. I'll hit a sledgehammer over the temple of those who decide to trample on them.

Oh. And tuition. Don't mention.
I'd rather bleed to death.

10:21 p.m. 2008-11-29

Past 48 hours have been a killer, don't ask why. I just never want to put us through it again. Because I know how it hurts to hold the tears inside and pretend that nothing has happened. But everything's ok now.

Can I say I'm uber envious of Jack who finished his exams yesterday? Well, the pros and cons of finishing papers early. You get to slack earlier, but you have to mug like mad. That was what happened to Jack, having 5 papers on 5 days. It was a mad rush, and worse when he has a very very very demanding girlfriend who's always bullying him.
He'll nod.
But he totally deserves this good 2 days to relax with his good pals, before it's a nosedive into work. Sometimes I wish I could do more for him, instead of him doing all the coaxing, comforting, ... I don't like lope-sided relationships.

But the leg-hugging talk we had yesterday (don't ask why it turned out that way) with my sis' soggy instant noodles for lunch was fulfilling, both ways. You know, sometimes the only way to solve problems is to thrash it out, albeit in a subtle way. But it's comforting to know that we can actually take time to sit down and talk about problems and issues. I think it's either I'm going bonkers from mugging 2219, or we're becoming more and more like a PR agency.

Issue tracking + environment scanning + strategic planning + objective-setting + tactic-employment + evaluation

*dodges the bullet*

Spent some good time debating with Fay over giving and taking too much last night. She was pushing for some sort of 'over-giving' idea, in the sense that if everyone gave excessively, then it would be equal. But the million-dollar question lies here: if the giver suddenly stops giving, who's going to fill that void? You? Me?
Nah, I'm not altruistic enough. I don't like to give in excess, and I feel bad about taking in excess as well. I'd say, I push for a balanced and healthy give-and-take relationship in everything, between everyone. Seriously, if everyone was that big-hearted, people wouldn't be killing their own kind whenever something goes wrong.

Okay, it's back to PR and law.

3:44 p.m. 2008-11-28

Was reading up advice on one of favourite forums, and I came across this:

Here are some advice/tips us women should follow if we want to keep the man that we are with and are in LOVE with:

1. Never ALLOW your man to dictate your whereabouts. Ladies, no matter how many times your man want to be called "daddy," they are not our daddies. We do not have to report to them. Ladies if you want to go shopping, hang with your friends {{Yes, even guy friends}}, then by all means do so. If your man asks where have you been just simply reply with "out with my friends." Besides if you ask him he will reply with the same answer.

2. Never QUESTION your man about ANYTHING if you are not totally sure about it. The first thing to know if your man is cheating is by having an assumption that he is. Now dont be the insecure one and as soon as you see him talking to a female then you think he is cheating. No, you have to be secure in yourself first. If you suspect that he is, then your JOB is to trap him so that you will have CONCRETE proof that he is cheating. A man hates to be questioned just by an assumption. He will lie his way out of it ESPECIALLY if he knows you have no evidence. Once you question him and he IS NOT cheating, it will be HARD trying to gain his trust BACK. Besides you don't like to be questioned if you know you are being FAITHFUL RIGHT??

3. Do not CHANGE for your man. He fell in love with you the WAY YOU ARE. Don't try and compete with THE JONES. Let them compete with YOU. If you were the type that dressed up everyday, made sure your makeup was in tact, and things like that then DO NOT slip and start being "too comfortable." What attracted him to you, will KEEP him with you. Besides you don't want him to stop buying you gifts just because, surprising you with dinner, or things like that RIGHT??

4. Please LEARN how to cook if you do not know how. "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach." That is so true INDEED. A man loves to be pampered, just like you do. So cook for your man just because. Men are not the only kind of humans that can surprise their partner. Just as much as you like to be wined and dined, he does TOO!

5. PLEASE your man to the BEST of your ability. NEVER say what you won't do to please your man. If you don't do it, he will find a TRICK that will. Try NEW things with him. KEEP him interested in you where he wouldn't want to go find ANOTHER freak. Have an open mind in the bedroom but if AT ALL you do not feel COMFORTABLE, let him know. If he persists then he is NOT for you in the first PLACE.

6. STOP requiring so much time with your man. Him hanging with his friends is A MUST for men. They do not want to combine his homeboy time with your time. That may sound mean but he needs that SPACE. Him chillin with his homeboys is just like you with your "girl" friends. There is no harm in that and you must have that TRUST.

7. LADIES you must TRUST your man. If he said he didn't do it or he was at this place then BELIEVE him. What is a good relationship if you can't trust the man? NEVER take the word of a TRICK over your MAN. There are other females that want what you have. DO NOT give them the PLEASURE of putting your man on the MARKET.

8. DON'T depend on your man to make the FIRST CALL. If he goes out with his friends and do not call or stop by for like 3 days, then don't fret. You go out with your friends and ENJOY yourself. If he finally comes back after the 6th day, DO NOT act like his disapperance affected you. A man, well a STRONG MAN wants a STRONG WOMAN. Show him that you can survive with or without him. Let him know that HE needs to step up his GAME if he wants to KEEP YOU because you can find someone that WILL.

9. NEVER become close with your man's BEST FRIEND. That will never work. His best friend will go back and tell your man whatever you tell his best friend. His best friend might start to like you and make moves on you and that can ONLY complicate things.

10. Meet your man's family {{Mostly mother and sisters}}. Become REAL close with them to the point where THEY will STICK UP FOR YOU. In a crisis they will tell HIM how WRONG HE IS and will CONVINCE him to go BACK with YOU. They are your Close BEST FRIENDS. KEEP them around!

11. Your FAITH must match. You can not live a Christian life and be in a relationship with a man that is not a Christian. You are unequally yoked and the Bible talks about this. If you find a man that loves God, he will treat you accordingly. Every woman wants a man like God: able to provide for her, love her, care for her, and everything in between. Finding a man that loves God, he will do just that. He knows how to treat a woman and will try his best to do no harm. Now that man IS NOT God so he will fall short everytime but with the GRACE of God he will be renewed.

author: cbshortie4eva17

Is this true? Tell me.

8:53 p.m. 2008-11-27

why did i let myself believe
that miracles could happen
cuz now i have to pretend
that i don't really care

5:59 p.m. 2008-11-25

A freaking update from the earlier entry...

I busted my JS2228 paper. It was simply a matter of 'flip over, glance through the questions, try to cough up something, give up'. I can't say I didn't study, I just studied the stuff they put the least emphasis on. No luck. I think it's a constitution of sleeping late last night, waking up this morning to mug, and mugging right to the doorstep of the paper. Oh man. Was talking to Ed and Chee Yong at the Deck about the paper, and we were talking about being contented with a B-. Can I ask for a B instead? Is that too much? At least I'll feel better.
And damn that picture of the book on high collars.

Oh, and 2 weeks after my camera function died, the slide has spoilt. So technically, I can't send SMSes, because I can't slide my phone open without turning the display off. The light has died, apparently. Damn. It's all a conglomerate of bad things waiting to happen. The husband was vomiting cons of a non-monoblock phone.
Yes, darling.

And it's 3880A tomorrow.
Someone throw holy water over me.

12:23 p.m. 2008-11-25

I'm 36 minutes away from my JS 2228 paper. And I'm skiving at Com Cen. You know it when the sleep pangs hit you after lunch like a hailstorm... You just wanna drift off to Lalaland.
That's my exact sentiments now, neglecting the fact that I DO have a paper to take.

I realised I've have to have people spill things on my bag everytime I go for tuition. Meixian had kindly blessed my laptop bag with her coffee from the Deck the week before, and a very sleepy Bradley split his mineral water without much hoo-haa yesterday. He didn't even bat an eyelid when I pranced out of my seat to save my drowning bag from the pool of water he had made on the teacher's desk.
How helpful.
I wonder what they teach the kids in school nowadays.

And I'm just sick of this regurgitating and forceful swallowing of facts after every paper. I absolutely don't wanna become a penguin.

Time to face my fate.

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